Why Another Blog?

It has always been a deep passion within me to somehow capture and preserve the beauty of nature around me, throughout my life… even as a child I would be just mesmerized with the clouds and the rain, the sun and the shadows, the flowers and the trees, the birds and their movements… and so much more… and all of these seemed to tug at my heart and it would just hurt me to think that this image which moves me so much will be gone soon… the sun will set, the shadows will move, the seasons will change, the flowers will dry out… and of course the bird is going to fly away… so how can I just hold it… so I can cherish it forever…? how can I avoid losing the beauty of the moment… This passion led me to photography but that added to my thirst instead of satiating me…because the image that the eye sees cannot ever be captured by the lens of the camera… it will always be different because the life within these things can be seen and felt only by the living eye and it cannot be presented in an image that is lifeless… At the most it can be called a resemblance or a shadow of the actual thing… but still I kept giving in to the desire of my heart and kept taking photos no matter whether they looked good to me or not…

And then the breakthrough came without me even realizing it to be so… what happened was that one day when I took the photo of a rose bud…


Although initially I was focusing on the larger bud… but it just took my breath away when I zoomed in and saw the details on the smaller bud on the right… it looked like there were stitches of green thread on its side and they were being stretched apart by the silky red petals inside waiting to burst open from that tiny slit… this sight caused me to forward it to my friend… along with my commentary… she found it to be quite eye opening and said that I must share it with others too… because there is so little focus on the creation of Allah… we just take these things for granted and don’t look for the lessons Allah is teaching us through His creation…

So when I started looking more deeply and focused on extracting these lessons from the signs of Allah spread all around me… I finally found the deep satisfaction which I was looking for… and finally Allah made me understand the purpose for which he gave me this passion for observing his signs… it was not for just preserving the outer forms… rather it was to preserve the message being conveyed by all these things… but to see this message you have to look with the eyes of your heart… yes your heart has eyes just like mine… all we need to do is to open them and start looking around!! 


9 thoughts on “Why Another Blog?

  1. i learnt today that there are many lessons to be learned from the
    nature…. subhanallah 😊
    and mashaallah your photography is amazing 💚


    • JazakAllah khairan for sending your comment… I am so glad you liked my blog… do keep visiting and keep the comments flowing:):)


  2. I just read the blog and it is just perfect. And the message with every picture is very beautifully explained 😊


  3. Thankyou soo much for sharing this beautiful piece of work..i ve heard alot about ur writing skills from ami but today m actually impressed…nd the best part is that it gave me a motivation that i needed at this very moment.from past few days i was very depressed nd hopeless nd cried at every single thing..today after reading this i m kind of relieved and a hope entered my heart that everythingz gona be fine Inshallah..once again Jazakallah


    • JazakAllah khairan for sharing your thoughts… MashaAllah your feelings have really touched my heart and made me so humble to realise that Allah made it possible for me to write something that was comforting for you… surely it is Allah who heals us through one another.. . May Allah keep us on the straight path always… Ameen


  4. MashAllah SubHanAllah your insights and pictures are absolutely beautiful. It is so nice to see a blog reflecting on the creation of Allah (swt)–a form of dhikr that many Muslims don’t do. May Allah (swt) reward you for your hard work and for awakening our hearts to the joy of Allah’s artistry.


    • Assalaam Alaikum wrb… dear Sister Sheima… it is always such a pleasure to hear from you… JazakAllah khairan kaseera for writing your feedback… it is so encouraging and filled me with hope and energy to do even better work for the pleasure of Allah… May Allah bless you always… Ameen


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