Growth despite Oppression:)


8 thoughts on “Growth despite Oppression:)

  1. MashALLAH your insight and your blogs are amazing. May ALLAH reward you for your beautiful and hard work.


  2. It is the most beautiful story. When i read this story first i felt myself like loqaat tree and you bougainvillea ☺☺. Then again i read this story and thought why those flowers and leaves of loqaat are smiling. There may be many reasons but i got one. If the mango tree is larger than loqaat then loqaat is more beautiful . I am sure loqaat never compare itself with mango . And grateful . Thats why it is happy. i saved these pictures for my reminder. jazakallah khairan kaseer.

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    • Thanks a lot for such a beautiful response to the post… May Allah reward you abundantly for being a source of encouragement for me… Ameen


  3. Lovely piece by a lovely soul. It is indeed awe inspiring. Allah Almighty has made His wonders and nature so interesting. How beautiful the analogy of the trees and the flowers and the garden; how life holds small but beautiful clues for us to better grow and nurture ourselves! Thank you for sharing!!


    • JazakAllah khairan… Have no words to express my gratitude… so good to hear from you!! Do keep visiting and enlighten me by your precious feedback:) wassalam


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