Growth despite oppression… (part-2)


So here I am with part 2 of the story of the slim tree growing underneath the majestic one… a few days back the bougainvillea on the right was chopped off from the top because it had withered away with cold… and so the view became so gloomy and  empty… do you remember those stems and flowers of that cheerful creeper were all over the slim tree like friends supporting and encouraging it…  and now it seems like the friends have all gone leaving the poor tree alone… I felt so sad… how will it survive? Then I went up to take a closer look and guess what I discovered!!! It was not one but two small trees… and previously I had noticed only the right one because its branches were sticking out on the right and growing flowers… but today I was amazed to see that the thinner one on the left was growing right upwards into the majestic mango tree… its branches shooting up and around the mango branches… and it was able to do so because of being slim and slender and flexible…


The remarkable thing about this discovery is that it made me so excited and happy to realize that sometimes an apparently small and weak person not only survives among dominating people but can move a step ahead and become an influence in their lives… But the required ingredients for this kind of influence is to stay upright… and be flexible to bend around their whims… and determination to keep on growing no matter what…:))



4 thoughts on “Growth despite oppression… (part-2)

  1. powerful life lessons……”to stay upright… and be flexible to bend around their whims… and determination to keep on growing no matter what…:))”


    • I am also amazed at the Power of Allah that He can teach these lessons through these creations who neither give us any lecture, nor write for us any article… but only through their action:):)

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